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We are looking for a hotel in Florence

Type: Hotel

Budget: up to 10.000.000 €

On behalf of our foreign investor clients, we are looking for a hotel in the most central area of Florence, with 30-50 bedrooms.

Request code: A21O


Looking for castles and farmhouses with land

Type: Castles and farmhouses

Budget: up to 10 milion Euro

We are making a search on behalf of Chinese-Italian investment and project design Companies (based in Italy and abroad) looking for castles, country houses of historical interest with land, to be used as a residence and / or receptive activities.

Request code: F81N


We are looking for a villa with a sea view in Le Marche

Type: Villa

Budget: Up to 5 million Euro

We are looking for a villa with a sea view with at least 5 bedrooms.

Request code: COE2


Searching for properties of great value in Venice

Type: Palace (building) or apartment

Budget: from 5 to 30 Million Euro

We are looking in Venice in a unique location on the Casal Grande or other area around Piazza San Marco, exclusive properties, historic buildings or luxury apartments for international investors, to show in the month of January 2015.

Request code: XD11


Looking for hotels for sale in Rome and Milan

Type: Valuable Hotel

Budget: from 15 to 30 Million Euro

We are looking hotels for Russians and Chinese investors in great location in the center of Rome or Milan.

Request code: XE12


Seeking hotel in central Rome

Type: Hotel

Budget: up to €40 million

For an international client, we are looking to purchase a hotel with at least 60 rooms in central Rome.

Request code: CI1B