Italy charms the new Russian

There is a new generation of Russian investors, who buy in Italy looking beyond the usual destinations

The Trend

Russians who choose to buy properties in Italy are increasing and Italy gained top positions among those countries are that Russian investors prefer.
Indeed, in the last 10 years, the number of buyers is constantly increased and the investments are three times as many as before.
An upcoming generation of Russians - business men, politicians, professionals and managers, 40 to 50 years old- choose to invest in our country due to its climate, culture and to the beauty of its environment.


The new destinations

The most popular destinations are always those on the coast of Tuscany and Liguria, the great lakes of the north of Italy, Rome and Milan. However, the number of Russian customers looking for privacy is increasing. These people prefer staying far from the areas that Italians are used to visit, and their interest is rather focussed towards different places, such as the Adriatic coast of Marche, Umbria and the Tuscany hinterland.


Some of the properties sold by Casaitalia to Russian buyers

Casaitalia International is particularly active within the Russian market.
These are only some of the sales that Casaitalia completed with its Russian customers, for the purchase of villas and farmhouses in Umbria, in Todi and in the area of the Trasimeno Lake, in the Siena area of Tuscany, nearby Pesaro in Marche, in Abruzzo and nearby Rome.


Umbria - Todi
Asking price: Euro 2,500,000



Tuscany - Siena
Asking price: Euro 3,950,000



The Marches - Pesaro
Asking price: Euro 4,300,000


Umbria - Lake Trasimeno area
Asking price: Euro 1,350,000



Lazio - Roman countryside
Asking price: Euro 2,500,000



Abruzzi - Tortoreto Lido
Asking price: Euro 3,300,000


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