Villa by the sea with a private beach, 3 guest houses, pools and a botanical garden

- Riviera di Ponente, less than 1 km from Varazze’s centre | Ref. code

A historical villa in a unique position with access to the sea and a private beach

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Brief description

Exclusive luxury villa by the sea with a 3,404 sq.m botanical garden, 3 guest houses, an arched loggia, 3 seawater pools, a property cliff with a historic fort, 2 boat storage units, and a small private bay. Direct access to the sea.



Geographic position

Villa Poseidon is in Capo Mola (Varazze) in Riviera delle Palme.

This town with thousands of years of history and pristine nature is nestled between Capo Aspera and Capo Mola. It also provides all kinds of services and is highly regarded by tourists.

Varazze is easy to reach, being just about one hour and a half from the motorways of Milan (152 km) and Turin (160 km). It’s also near Genoa and its international airport (30 km). This town is immersed in the Beigua Park, Liguria’s largest nature park: a spectacular balcony formed by mountains overlooking the sea, where the high biodiversity, geological heritage, culture and local traditions are invaluable. Moreover, this territory has been recognised as a UNESCO site and is included in the list of UNESCO Global Geoparks.


Varazze is also famous for its marina with large and modern berths. It’s a benchmark for those looking for a port in Liguria.


Villa Poseidon overlooks the beautiful Gulf of Genoa and has a mild and sunny climate throughout the year.


This property borders the wonderful pedestrian promenade of Lungomare Europa in the Piani d'Invrea coastal park, which develops along the western Ligurian Riviera between Varazze and Cogoleto.

This enchanting stretch of coastline alternates flat lands with rocky coves plunging into the blue sea.

Lungomare Europa stretches over 4.5 km that can be covered on foot, by bicycle, skates or a rickshaw that you can rent.


Golf enthusiasts can choose among three golf clubs about 15 minutes away from the property. Golf Club Pineta in Arenzano (10 km away, with 9 holes), Golf Club Genova St. Anna (12 km away, with two 9-hole courses), and Golf Club Albisola (13 km away, with 9 holes).

Description of buildings

Villa Poseidon was designed in 1925 by Barry Dierks, one of the most famous architects of the Modernist movement and very active in the French Riviera.


In 1150, the Republic of Genoa built the “Torre della Mola” (Mola Tower) in Capo Mola, where the villa is located. It was the sixteenth of 58 towers built between Genoa and Balzi Rossi (not far from the French border) as a system of watchtowers. Torre della Mola was one of the most important fortresses as its position allowed it to have control of all directions towards the sea.

The tower collapsed at the end of the 19th century. It was replaced in 1927 with Villa Poseidon, which overlooks the same breathtaking views.


The strategic military importance of this place remained intact until the Second World War when having total visibility of the sea was still essential. At that time, the cliff was used as an anti-landing lookout post. This “Fort”, which is completely camouflaged with local white stones, was built during Second World War and is still part of the property.


Villa Poseidon consists of five buildings overlooking the sea. It’s located in an enchanting and exclusive area with a beautiful botanical garden.




13 rooms, 4 bathrooms, 391 sq.m plus another 115 sq.m of ancillary surfaces for a total of 506 sq.m, three seawater pools, 4 outdoor living areas and areas reserved for the kitchen on the beach and in the pool area

The villa develops over 4 floors. All the rooms have a beautiful view of the sea.


Ground floor

- entrance

- airy living room with a large arched window overlooking the cliff and the sea.

- kitchen

- living room/bar

- study with a fireplace

- dining room

- laundry room

- small bathroom

- outdoor kitchen covered by a porch and communicating with the indoor kitchen, which can also be accessed from the garden.

- beautiful 60 sq.m loggia overlooking the sea, protected with a porch with six large arches (8 m high), which can be accessed from the living room/bar and the garden.


First floor

- a master suite with a sitting room and a bathroom

- a double bedroom with an en-suite bathroom

- 2 double bedrooms

- an additional bathroom

- a single bedroom

- a small storage room.


Second floor

- a laundry hanging room and a terrace.


The basement

A large wine cellar and a red-brick Infernot carved into the rock for fine wines are just below the loggia.



A study with a 20 sq.m bathroom and a 20 sq.m terrace

An airy room overlooking the sea with a terrace, a living area with a kitchenette and 5 French doors overlooking the sea, a bathroom and a storage room currently used as a study/leisure room.



2 rooms and a bathroom (70 sq.m) and a 120 sq.m garden in front of the beach

This guest house borders the beach and is located inside the botanical garden west of the villa. It consists of 2 rooms with an open kitchen, a bathroom with an anteroom, a garden in front of the beach, and a parking area. It can be reached from the villa through an exposed stone staircase in the garden. It also has an independent entrance.



2 rooms and a bathroom, a room on the beach level (61 sq.m), an 8 sq.m terrace, an 80 sq.m garden in front of the beach and the possibility of storing a 5 m boat

This guest house is located inside the botanical garden east of the villa. It has independent access to Lungomare Europa and can be reached from the beach and private garden.

It includes a living room with a kitchenette, a romantic round-shaped double bedroom, a bathroom and a large terrace overlooking the sea.

A living room/hangar on the lower floor, at beach level, can be used to shelter a boat. This hangar is a plus since it can shelter a 5 m boat, preventing the purchase of an expensive mooring in a port.



The cliff with a fort (about 20 m) is connected to the villa’s park through a 10 m bridge made with larch beams. Here, we also have a 60 sq.m storage unit for 5 m boats.

The wooden bridge connects the villa to the cliff and fort even in sea storms. The sea level rises flowing under the bridge, between the two cliff shores for a breathtaking effect!

During the Second World War, the cliff was used as an anti-landing lookout post, where a fort was built on it. This fort is completely camouflaged with local white stones.

Every part of the cliff gives access to the sea. On top of the cliff, you can find stone benches overlooking the wonderful Gulf of Genoa.

Moreover, a 60 sq.m boat shelter is located inside the cliff on the left side of the wooden bridge. This shelter is for boats measuring up to 5 m.

External areas

The land and the cliffs facing the sea are exclusive property, not granted in concession. Therefore, they are not subject to time-limited contracts and/or revocations.


The botanical garden surrounding the villa perfectly blends with the territory’s pristine nature. The mild winter temperatures helped preserve it over the years like in an open-air greenhouse, with lush Mediterranean greenery that descends to the cliffs.

A unique heritage of plants and trees.


The park includes several wooden furniture sets overlooking the wonderful landscape and three pools:

- a natural rock pool (2 m deep);

- a natural rock and stone pool (1.3 m deep), ideal for water gym activities;

- a natural rock and stone pool (up to 1.3 m deep) that gently descends to the beach, perfect for children.

Water is pumped up from the sea while the overflow returns to it.

The pumping station ensures even purer seawater since the intake valve is about 1.5 metres underwater. Water circulates instantly since the overflow level returns to the sea automatically.


The botanical park also includes:

- a changing cabin;

- a second cabin for storing the cushions of sofas and armchairs of the bar’s sitting room;

- a third cabin for storing the cushions of the garden’s sofas and armchairs;

- a lounge area associated with the outdoor kitchen;

- other two cabins for storing motorcycles and bicycles.

Use and potential uses

Villa Poseidon is in a unique position, perfect for those who are looking for a formal property rich in history with direct and private access to the sea.

Distances and location


*The location of the property on the map is approximate