Services for who is selling


Your property is special?

Those who come to Casaitalia has a special property that needs a broader vision compared to local or national and a service focused on qualified channels.


Give it an international exposure

Our service starts from a preliminary stage that is used to get a picture of the property’s characteristics in order to identify the market range where it can be placed.
To determine whether the property meets the requirements for the presentation, the first step is to submit basic information to Casaitalia to confirm the ability to promote their sale.


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We'll send you an email with some questions to gather basic information about the property and figure out whether it can be presented on the foreign market.

The submission of information is non-binding for both, only after the possible site inspection visit we will confirm you the ability to manage the property through our international channels.


Site inspection visit

After receiving basic information, we can schedule an appointment in site to see the property, without any obligation, in order to confirm the ability to manage the sale.


Types of assignment
There are two assignment methods:

  • National assignment which is normally used by local agencies and that allows you to promote the property in the Italian territory. For the National Service, the commission is 3% + VAT.
  • International assignment which is addressed to those properties that due to their type, location and characteristics may benefit by putting them in a larger market, the foreign market. For the Service International, the commission is 5% + VAT.


Method of assignment: exclusive and non exclusive
The organization of Casaitalia, for sale purposes, is based on the collaboration with national and international colleagues. Normally, the clients (sellers) prefer confer the assignment in exclusive mode, to have Casaitalia as a single point of contact delegating thereto the relationship with the other agencies who will work at the same time with the property sale. However, for those who prefer it, is still possible to choose to give an assignment in a non-exclusive method.


Preliminary technical and legal verification and Due diligence

A very important aspect is related to the technical documentation that will be collected to make a maximum initial verification, in order to identify any cadastral or urban elements to be settled, to have full confidence when there was a buyer interested.
A professional Cadastral Surveyor will be appointed by Casaitalia, at its own expense, to carry out detailed control by collecting mortgage-land survey services. The Cadastral Surveyor will prepare a report in which shall be certified in the actual status of the property, pointing out any points to be reported to the trusted seller's technician, so that he can be organized for correcting by drafting the final due diligence.


Professional photographic service
The image is crucial to convey the atmosphere and character of the property. Defined by the assigment, a professional photographer will be sent by Casaitalia to perform a complete exterior and interior service capable to better represent the property.


Aerial photographic service
For properties in particular location, upon request of the client, Casaitalia will realize an aerial photo shoot plane to provide a vision of greater impact on the location and of the complex.


Preparation of graphics
A graph will prepare all the material (photo retouching, reconstruction of floor plans etc ...) to make the presentation of the property clear and immediate, enhancing to the maximum the image.


Editing and translation of texts
Based on the technical information and the information gathered will be compiled a complete and comprehensive text. Professional translators will take care of the complete translation in English, Russian and German.

The Network: collaborate to multiply the opportunities
Once all the material is ready, Casaitalia will be activated for the promotion through different and parallel channels, in particular those of collaboration with international colleagues selected.
Casaitalia is part of the Regents and is the exclusive Representative for Italy of the Luxury Real Estate Network, the largest network of international agencies specialized in the sale of valuable properties.
This allows you to increase the visibility of the property and offer it to a wider purchaser clientele, selected by foreign colleagues, to Casaitalia single interlocutor for the owner.
Besides the Luxury Real Estate Network, Casaitalia is a member of Prestige MLS and is connected to a network of partners around the world, with which it shares properties and clientele.

Customer Database
Thanks to a constantly updated database of buyers, we are able to immediately submit any new property to all those customers who have already contacted Casaitalia expressing needs that match with the acquired property.

Casaitalia is featured on magazines in Italy and abroad and cooperate to publish editorials on the luxury real estate market.
Participate directly or through its partners at international events, trade shows and television programs on air or satellite.

The web
The property acquired will be inserted in the Luxury Real Estate Network, within the site of the, the official site of Casaitalia and in other important international sites.

Marketing ad hoc
For property details is possible to provide on request of the owner, the study of targeted marketing campaigns, tailored, for which Casaitalia can suggest different opportunities.

As part of our business confidentiality is an essential element. For this reason, from time to time according to the specific property, are evaluated not only what channels to use and which markets to push the most, but also the channels to avoid, in particular when it comes to promoting properties intended for activities. You can for example decide to completely inhibit the use of sites and publications in certain areas or in the entire Italian nation, moving the marketing only toward foreign and international channels.

What happens if a customer shows interest.
When a customer show interest to learn more about a property, our staff will conduct an in-depth interview to understand the client's needs in order to perform a filter and organize site inspections visit only with buyers whose applications are potentially match with the property.

The contract: the conclusion bound to the receipt of the deposit
After the visit, in case the buyer is interested to proceed, Casaitalia will prepare a full purchase Preliminary Proposal, signed by the purchaser, which will be submitted to the owner.
The proposal is set in such way that the agreement, after acceptance by the vendor, will end only when the property owner receives the deposit in your bank account, equal to approximately 20% of the sale price.

The notarial act: we stand at your side
Casaitalia International will assist you without further costs; will remain by your side until the public Act, dealing with preparation of all documents necessary for the notary.