Buying and selling a property represents an important moment, often a starting point for those who sell and those who buy. Thus, by helping our customers, we live with them the beginning of this that for many is a new phase of their life, especially for those who come to Italy to move to permanently.

The comments of our customers have significant importance to us that goes beyond the professional aspect, are our motivation and stimulation to do the best we can.


I would like to thank you and the entire staff of CasaItalia for the tremendous support you have provided throughout the entire process that led to the purchase of our beautiful property. From the quality of the material presented in the web page to the personal hands on dealing of every aspect of the transaction we have always felt we were dealing with high integrity professionals with an appreciation for beauty and attention to the details.
Giampaolo Tardioli


We appreciated the great professionalism and efficiency of Casaitalia and all its staff; we were assisted in the sale of our house during each phase of the process, with great courtesy and competence. 
We also appreciated the human aspect of the relationship: selling a valuable property needs not only technical skills but also a sensitive attitude ready to capture the profile of the owners, the "spirit" of the property and its context, to show it in its uniqueness. 
D. Tombolini


I really appreciated the courtesy and professionalism. In addition to the Italian network and especially international contacts, Casaitalia has given continuous and polite support in the negotiations, showing great experience and competence also in the management of urban planning and cadastral problems, which inevitably arise in the sale of a property like as the one I sold.

M. Amoroso


I’d like to thank Casaitalia International and all its staff for selling my farmhouse with great professionalism, reliability, courtesy and constancy.
My appreciation goes in particular to Adolfo, the agency owner, and Francesco, who kindly helped me through this process.
I got to know Mr Giovannelli, CEO of Casaitalia, a few years ago. I was going through a difficult period, and I immediately appreciated his humanity, which allowed us to bond.
We met again eight months ago, when we decided to sell our farmhouse in Umbria, and besides the man with unquestionable human qualities, we got to know a high-level professional.
He guided us step by step in the sales and after-sales process with honesty and professionalism and helped us create an excellent relationship with the Belgian buyers.
I can say that my wife and I have met a great professional and friend.
I just want to express my gratitude towards Mr Giovannelli and Casaitalia.
Antonio and Marisa
The service we have received from Casaitalia has been exceptional. We worked with Francesco Becchetti on the purchase of a property in Umbria and found Francesco to be professional, supportive, kind, and very efficient at every step. Even since completion he has continued to assist us with various practical necessities, for example connections with the local utilities. This additional support has been invaluable to us. Casaitalia have made our Italian property purchase a thoroughly pleasant experience, and we highly recommend them.
WMS, London 

As completely unknown to the Italian housing market and without knowing the language it was a very pleasant surprise to get in touch with CasaItalia.
The whole process has been very professional with a down to earth personal approach.
We can't say enough positive things about Luca and his team in Spoleto. Never have our countless emails and questions seem too much and the subsequent help with various practicalities has been invaluable.
We do not hesitate with our warmest recommendations and with confidence look forward to enjoying our new house in Italy.
Tina & Thomas, Copenhagen



It was by chance that I contacted Casaitalia, but it was a pleasant surprise.

Their work was exceptional.

Professionalism, reliability, courtesy and practicality. Those are all rare qualities in your line of work.

Thank you so much,

Alberto Felici


We were lucky to have trusted in Casaitalia International, because they showed incredible professionalism and carried out a quick and satisfying negotiation.

Adolfo followed up with us every step of the way and was always available to give us the best advice.



Ever since our first visit to Italy in 2013, we have been interested in buying a property in Umbria or Tuscany.

Early this year (2019) we found an apartment advertised online by Casaitalia, and after having viewed several other properties, we got in touch with Francesco Becchetti and Casaitalia.

Throughout the whole buying process we were treated with kindness and professionalism, with professional, impeccable communication and advice.

With Casaitalia and Francesco’s guidance, we put in an offer (direct from the United States) which was accepted, and our dreams of owning a home in Italy began to come true!

Casaitalia continued to work with us and support us through the various banking processes required and provided us with organization, translation of all the documents into English and help all the way to the final deed of sale.

After the purchase, Casaitalia continued to help us to set up the contracts for gas, electricity etc.

We are now the proud owners of our new apartment in Italy!

To summarize, we can only say good things about Casaitalia and due to the level of professionalism and service, together with the care and attention they show their clients, if you are looking to purchase the home of your dreams in Italy, we highly recommend this agency.

Thank you so much to everyone who helped make our Italian dream come true!

Sincerely, Kevin and Draza O’Brien


 I had an excellent experience finding my new home in Italy with the help of CasaItalia. 

They arranged for viewings of all the properties I picked out online long-distance from the US. Then my very pleasant and obliging agent came to my hotel room to pick me up two days in a row, drove me around to see the places, and dropped me back in the evening. He also offered me good advice on what to be cautious about (for example, a big factory or big roads too close to the rural property I wanted).
I found a farmhouse I loved, and CasaItalia managed all the details of the purchase for me while I was back in the US.
I would recommend this company highly to any foreigner planning to buy in Italy.
Shadi Bartsch-Zimmer


I had the most wonderful experience working with CasaItalia. They were pivotal in assisting me acquire my home in Italy. Perusing their website one evening and seeing a house that I immediately fell in love with, seven months later I had the house. I cannot express just how grateful I am to the entire CasaItalia team. Everyone made me feel so welcome and they are all such lovely people. I especially want to thank Francesco, Silvia, Adolfo, Luca and Luana for all of their help and especially friendship. They still go out of their way to help me with any questions that I may have. With CasaItalia, you don't just acquire a property, you gain new friends and really a family. Thank you, CasaItalia!!
Mia Shen


Working with the realtors of Casaitalia was a real pleasure. Buying a home in Italy as a foreigner, I was reliant on them for their knowledge and professionalism, and they did not disappoint. They were helpful and patient throughout the entire process, which was so essential as my Italian was rather poor. They took the time to explain every step of the purchase and made what could have been a very stressful and perhaps even impossible acquisition into a happy experience. They accompanied me from the very first step of viewing properties through to the final closing and beyond, ensuring that I had all the information I needed to make the process seamless. I will be forever grateful to Francesco and Adolfo for their sincerity, patience, and kindness and recommend them highly to anyone considering purchasing their own dream home in Italy.
Cindy D'Angelo


Thank you Casaitalia International for your excellent work. Thanks to the helpfulness, education, courtesy and professionalism of all your staff, you succeeded in selling a building complex in Umbria which required a great deal of knowledge and a lot of experience. You remained professional and transparent and were available to help at every stage of the buying/selling process.

Thanks again for everything and see you soon,

Sabrina Guerra


Dear Adolfo,

My wife and I would like to thank Casaitalia for all the work you did on the sale of our property. Thanks to all your staff, who did everything possible to handle every detail of the negotiation in a competent, professional and accurate manner.

The agency demonstrated great professionalism and experience in your sector, not only in terms of the legal and administrative assistance and dealing with the red tape, but also in every area of the sale. We were able to complete the agreement with our foreign buyers in a reasonably short period of time. Excellent work!

Francesco Gradassi


Selling a family home is not easy, but putting our trust in Casaitalia made all the difference.
They were professional and helpful at every stage, from advertising to signing the deed, with a truly international network of contacts and courteous staff. We never felt alone, they were there to advise us every step of the way to solve any problem, large or small, that this kind of transaction inevitably involves. Thank you.
Mariarosaria Zurlo


Thanks again to Casaitalia International for their invaluable work. Thanks to the professionalism of their staff, all of whom were extremely courteous and always available, we were able to sell our farmhouse in Umbria in a very short time, something not to be taken for granted in this difficult time for the property market.
Beatrice Bonell


I found CasaItalia through friends, and for me it was a lucky shot. Their first viewers bought my house!
Through their professionalism and expertise we have brought the sale, for me as seller and the German family as buyers, to a quick end. They also resolved all of my property's bureaucratic and cadastral issues with competence and personal touch and flair. I thank the whole team of CasaItalia and especially Adolfo & Luca.
Belinda Kitz
Thank you Casaitalia for your professionalism and helpfulness, this is an extremely professional agency, with an extensive knowledge of the property market; the staff are organised and polite and the owners are always available for an honest discussion. I consider myself lucky to have met them. 
Manuela Castellani
I came across CasaItalia by chance, while searching for a property to buy in Umbria. 
To be honest, my first impression when looking at their website was that this was a bit of a snobby agency for Russian millionaires, but that impression couldn't have been more wrong. Today, the purchase having already happened several months ago, I can say that I couldn't be more satisfied that I trusted them.  
At Casaitalia International, I experienced qualities rarely found these days: education, professionalism, competence and love for their work. 
Thanks again for everything, 
Andrea Gilioli 


We are very grateful to Casaitalia International for their expertise and professionalism. They succeeded in concluding the sale of our farmhouse in Umbria in a completely different way from previous agencies with whom we had been working on the sale for a long time. Casaitalia International, conversely, managed to attain a final offer of purchase within a few months (we hired them in November 2015 and the offer arrived in February 2016). Within this timescale, Casaitalia International, together with their team of specialists, helped us to resolve all of our property’s minor bureaucratic and cadastral issues.  Without this extra support the sale would not have been possible. Casaitalia International’s great professionalism was also demonstrated by the photos of the house and the advert on their website. This was all thanks to Casaitalia International’s owner Adolfo Giovanelli and his colleagues. I would recommend them to both Italian and overseas clients.

Dott. Mario De Gennaro


I have been working with Casaitalia for a long time, in fact, in 2010 I entrusted them with the sale of a farmhouse in Todi and in less than a year they had found a buyer. In October 2015 I entrusted them with another farmhouse in Todi, which I had restored and furnished, and in May of 2016 I signed the notary deed of sale. Adolfo and and Luca Giovanelli, the owners of Casaitalia, completely satisfied my expectations and those of the buyers, a Dutch family, who remain very happy with the choice of agency and their work. They continued to be professional and reliable throughout the process. They worked with me right up to the day of the signing of the deed, dealing with all the paperwork and helping both parties to prepare all the necessary documents for the sale of the house. All-round professionalism. I consider myself fortunate to have met them and to have had a professional relationship with them.

Until next time...

Carla di Tommaso 


Having no experience in how the Italian real estate market works and what to take care of if you want to buy a house in Italy, Casaitalia guided us very professional throughout the whole process.

Starting of with a good selection of really nice houses and properties, followed by very professional organizing of viewings of the houses up to do or help with all the needed paperworks, the whole team of Casaitalia did an excellent job.

Our agent took the time to understand what we were looking for, he was always very fast in communication and very flexible during our visits. In fact the property we were actually buying he brought up to us after he had understood what we were looking for (even a bit before we knew ourselves).

Writing this in our new home in Italy I must say that we were extremely pleased with all the services Casaitalia provided.

Thanks a lot!
Martin B., Germany


Our experience with CasaItalia has been very positive and we would highly recommend their services. We were given extremely professional, competent and fair advice, which led to the smooth completion of a relatively complex acquisition.

G. D. A. United Kingdom 24th March 2016


Having exchanged contracts, I very much appreciate that Casaitalia will continue to assist until completion next year. Filippo Zeni (and his excellent English and good humour!) has been invaluable to my wife and I, from sourcing and visiting premium, off-plan properties, to intermediating between seller and buyer, or opening a local bank account. Buying a property abroad is a major lifestyle decision, and it was our very good fortune to find such as excellent agency to help get that decision right.

J. e A. Feroze


Casaitalia had an impressive range of properties available for sale and we received first class service and support from them throughout the process. Our agent Filippo Cori took the time to understand what we were looking for and provided us with honest opinions about the properties we had under consideration. As a result, our viewing visits were productive and we were able to find the right property in a relatively short period of time. Casaitalia also provided invaluable assistance on a number of matters that require attention when buying a property in Italy; appointing a notary and translator, obtaining a codice fiscale, opening a local bank account, as well as the important transfer of utilities and other local services which can be a very challenging and time consuming exercise. We were most impressed by their willingness to help us with some of these issues long after the sale was completed.
PLB & Family, England


We are extremely thankful to the team of CasaItalia International for their professionalism. It took us less than a year from the moment that the idea of buying a holiday house in Italy came to us till the day that we signed the final deed. For us it was an exciting, delightful and extremely positive experience, starting from the well-prepared trip around the properties available, to the final deed and even dealing with utility suppliers, engineers, etc. All this would not be possible without our agent, Filippo, and his colleagues. Although the formalities around the deal in Italy reminded us of what we would come across in our home country, only reliance on the agency allowed us to feel safe throughout the process and after it was completed. The agency provides all possible support with any questions we had around the deal or even broader, as foreigners coming to Italy. And does it in a very clear, swift and positive way.
Ilona and Gennady


I discovered Casaitalia International through my personal research.
I was particularly impressed by the excellent taste of the aesthetic representation, the detailed research, the consistent and harmonious description of the real estate offers, the deep knowledge of the target market segment, the vision of the product in an international logic.
All this had made Casaitalia a real estate agency with a strong personality, absolutely unique and original.
The identification of a product type to sell based on absolute quality and a target market based on the demanding and international buyer, and the creation of a network of agents prepared with connections in the main markets of the world, remains one of the underlying forces of Casaitalia which contributes to the success.
I could then appreciate the professionalism of Adolfo Giovannelli and his son Luca, for making all of this possible.
In fact it wasn't easy to sell my property in Todi as it was very demanding both for its size and for the significant price.
A large rural property, integrated dependence and technical rooms, of an old workmanship but all equipped with the latest technology, with a splendid view of the village and the Valley, and with a considerable agricultural land.
Thanks to the experience of Casaitalia I managed to sell it in a matter of months and with economic satisfaction.
Thanks Adolfo and Luca, I will always be your fan and supporter
Until next time
V. Leone and M. Strahinja


We found Casaitalia had an extraordinary wide range of properties available for sale but the quality that stood out was their readiness to provide a much fuller service for foreigners buying in Italy. They helped with many problems and hurdles, such as dealing with opening bank accounts, obtaining codice fiscale, advising on good building contractors, and managing the sale process very effectively. These latter aspects actually are the most important to an overseas purchaser than simply the standard service of an estate agent. Their help was much appreciated.

AB & family, England


Hello Luca,
we finally arrived at the moment that both were hoping when we first met.
We are pleased to have worked with you for your seriousness, competence and kindness. We had at that time a great impression about you, as well as later about your father and your collaborators. We didn't know, at that time, how was going to end our attempted sale, but we have achieved our goal.
Thank you.
A. Monteferri and G. Gastone

Dear Mr Giovannelli,
We thank you for the way that has led us by the hand in such an important step of our lives.
It was an example of how you can work with passion and your email is proof of your sensitivity.
We embrace you all affectionately along with your son and your excellent collaborators.
Roberto De Falco