Villas and country homes

A selection of prestigious villas and characteristic luxury country homes in Tuscany, Umbria, the Marches and in the best locations of Italy. Country homes with swimming pool, with vineyards, olive groves, villas with land in a panoramic hilly position, in the countryside as well as near the sea or lakes. Ideal as holiday home, to host friends or to invest by renting out on the weekly holiday rental circuit. 

Properties for sale in Italy

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Luxury villa with outbuildings for sale 20 km from the sea

The Marches Ref. code 4BB9

Building surface 907 mq
Bedrooms 9
Bathrooms 9
Land surface 3 ha

20 km from Senigallia and from the sea

Estate with villa, outbuildings and 3 hectares of land with pool and olive grove

Euros 1,250,000

Euros 980,000

Luxury villa for sale in Asolo with land and swimming pool

Veneto Ref. code NOW3

Building surface 952 mq
Bedrooms 4+2
Bathrooms 7
Land surface 2.5 ha


A magnificent 17th-century villa with Italian style garden and pool

Euros 2,995,000

Farmhouse with garden and pool 20 km from Lake Trasimeno

Umbria Ref. code 7OB5

Building surface 662 mq
Bedrooms 4
Bathrooms 6
Land surface 6.500 mq

22 km from Lake Trasimeno, between Città della Pieve and Monteleone d'Orvieto

Restored farmhouse in panoramic location

Euros 1,850,000

Country house with pool for sale in Amelia

Umbria Ref. code 7AAP

Building surface 285 mq
Bedrooms 4
Bathrooms 3
Land surface 3.69 ha

10 km from Amelia

Country house with pool and 3.7 hectares of land between Umbria and Lazio

Euros 430,000

Energy efficient villa between Grosseto and the sea

Tuscany Ref. code A7BT

Building surface 194 mq
Bedrooms 3
Bathrooms 3
Land surface 1.956 mq

5 km from Grosseto and 10 km from the sea

Villa with garden in the Maremma Toscana countryside

Euros 520,000

Luxury villa for sale with sea view

The Marches Ref. code 5UJF

Building surface 2.660 mq
Bedrooms 6+5
Bathrooms 14
Land surface 12 ha

Adriatic Sea - San Benedetto del T. (11 km)

Majestic villa overlooking the sea with indoor pool and large grounds

Euros 3,950,000

Historic villa for sale half an hour from Senigallia

The Marches Ref. code CSB7

Building surface 1.383 mq
Bedrooms 15
Bathrooms 3
Land surface 3 ha

Half an hour from Senigallia and the sea

Estate with main villa, farmhouse and 3 hectares of land (plus further 33 ha to be optionally purchased)

Euros 680,000

Country house with sea view for sale between Marotta and Senigallia

The Marches Ref. code IC8S

Building surface 466 mq
Bedrooms 6
Bathrooms 6
Land surface 3.7 ha

7 km from Senigallia

Country house with pool in hilly location, 3 km from the sea

Euros 920,000

Traditional farmhouse with olive grove for sale in Todi

Umbria Ref. code RH75

Building surface 762 mq
Bedrooms 6+2
Bathrooms 7
Land surface 1.4 ha

11 km from Todi

Farmhouse in panoramic location, with outbuilding, swimming pool and vineyard

Euros 1,600,000

Trullo with pool fifteen minutes from the sea

Apulia Ref. code JDCY

Building surface 101 mq
Bedrooms 2+1
Bathrooms 2
Land surface 3.900 mq

9 km from Ostuni and half and fifteen minutes from the sea

Restored, traditional trullo surrounded by 3900 sq.m of private land with pool

Euros 530,000

Restored castle for sale between Spoleto and Terni

Umbria Ref. code 31BE

Building surface 1.081 mq
Bedrooms 9
Bathrooms 17
Land surface 2 ha

12 km from Spoleto and 14 km from Terni

Historic castle in panoramic location, currently used as resort with pool and spa

Euros 1,380,000

Farmhouse with annex and swimming pool for sale in Trevi

Umbria Ref. code ZX6G

Building surface 1.020 mq
Bedrooms 9+1
Bathrooms 11
Land surface 1.7 ha

3 km from Trevi

Two farmhouses surrounded by over 1.7 hectares of grounds, with swimming pool and caretaker's lodge

Euros 1,850,000

Euros 1,480,000

Historic villa with view of San Gimignano

Tuscany Ref. code XYC7

Building surface 3.178 mq
Bedrooms 20
Bathrooms 35
Land surface 2.5 ha

San Gimignano

Stately villa converted into luxury hotel with pool and 2.5 hectares of grounds

Euros 13,000,000

Villa with vineyard and olive grove in Todi

Umbria Ref. code TXO4

Building surface 1.078 mq
Bedrooms 7
Bathrooms 10
Land surface 14 ha

Located 7 km from Todi

A villa with 14 hectares of land with panoramic view on Todi

Euros 2,850,000

Villa with pool in hilly location

Umbria Ref. code GJ7G

Building surface 321 mq
Bedrooms 4
Bathrooms 3
Land surface 6.3 ha

14 km from Passignano sul Trasimeno

Country villa with 6 hectares of land in a panoramic location

Euros 760,000

Country house with pool and panoramic view of Todi

Umbria Ref. code T4D1

Building surface 403 mq
Bedrooms 3
Bathrooms 3
Land surface 1 ha

10 minutes from Todi

Restored farmhouse surrounded by 1 hectare of private land with pool

Euros 840,000

Panoramic villa with pool and olive grove

Umbria Ref. code CXC9

Building surface 649 mq
Bedrooms 5+1
Bathrooms 4
Land surface 2.8 ha

4 km from Città della Pieve

Country villa surrounded by 2.8 hectares of land with fertile olive grove

Euros 1,400,000

Villa with 3 hectares of land, half an hour from Florence

Tuscany Ref. code Q4C2

Building surface 534 mq
Bedrooms 7
Bathrooms 4
Land surface 2.9 ha

Reggello, half an hour from Florence

Villa in panoramic location with around 3 hectares of land with olive grove

Euros 1,200,000

Euros 980,000


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