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Properties for sale in Italy

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A renovated old mill between Spoleto and Montefalco

Umbria Ref. code W8ES

Building surface 784 mq
Bedrooms 10
Bathrooms 11
Land surface 3.3 ha

Between Spoleto and Montefalco

A finely renovated building with 3 hectares of land and a swimming pool.

Euros 2,200,000

Agriturismo for sale fifteen minutes away from Perugia and Lake Trasimeno

Umbria Ref. code AAFD

Building surface 1.157 mq
Bedrooms 20
Bathrooms 16
Land surface 2.3 ha

Halfway between Perugia and Lake Trasimeno

Agriturismo for sale fifteen minutes away from Perugia and Lake Trasimeno

Euros 1,700,000

A castle with a hotel for sale halfway between the Monferrato and Langhe areas

Piedmont Ref. code DHFX

Building surface 2.088 mq
Bedrooms 10
Bathrooms 24
Land surface 7.070 mq

Between Monferrato and Langhe, 10 min. from Alessandria

An ancient castle with a hotel, a restaurant and a century-old park in a small village

Euros 2,800,000

Traditional farmhouse for sale in the classic Chianti region

Tuscany Ref. code BHHI

Building surface 672 mq
Bedrooms 6
Bathrooms 6
Land surface 2.500 mq

Chainti region, 10 minutes from Gaiole in Chianti

A traditional renovated farmhouse, with a large garden, for sale in the heart of Tuscany

Euros 1,900,000

Euros 1,550,000

Farmhouse with an olive grove for sale in Val d’Orcia

Tuscany Ref. code 4SHM

Building surface 339 mq
Bedrooms 4
Bathrooms 3
Land surface 1 ha

Val d'Orcia, between Pienza and Bagni San Filippo

A farmhouse with a garden and an olive grove on Tuscany’s hills.

Euros 890,000

Tuscan farmhouse for renovation, with 25 hectares of private land and an olive grove

Tuscany Ref. code 09HS

Building surface 628 mq
Bedrooms 4
Bathrooms 3
Land surface 25 ha

Halfway between Civitella in Val di Chiana and Monte San Savino

Tuscan farmhouse for renovation, with 25 hectares of private land and an olive grove

Euros 580,000

Castle for sale in Assisi

Umbria Ref. code 7YI4

Building surface 597 mq
Bedrooms 9
Bathrooms 9
Land surface 5.565 mq

7 km from Assisi

A historic building with a tower and 5 hectares of land in a hilly, private location

Euros 850,000

Historic villa with a park for sale in Spoleto

Umbria Ref. code KUI5

Building surface 882 mq
Bedrooms 6
Bathrooms 5
Land surface 4.150 mq

Less than a kilometre from the centre of town

A charming residence in a hillside location, a stone's throw from the historic centre of town

Euros 1,500,000

Typical Italian farmhouse for sale, in the Spoleto hills

Umbria Ref. code NBI6

Building surface 333 mq
Bedrooms 5
Bathrooms 3
Land surface 2.280 mq

10 minutes from Spoleto

A restored Italian farmhouse with scenic terraces, swimming pool and olive grove, 10 minutes from the centre of town

Euros 750,000

Villa with guesthouse and two-hectare land for sale between Latina and the sea

Lazio Ref. code 25I7

Building surface 353 mq
Bedrooms 7
Bathrooms 4
Land surface 2 ha

6 km from the sea and from Latina

A villa designed with a focus on green building, eco-sustainability and innovative technologies, within the Circeo National Park

Euros 1,350,000

Villa for sale half an hour from Rome

Lazio Ref. code KAH2

Building surface 442 mq
Bedrooms 5
Bathrooms 6
Land surface 1.700 mq

Half an hour from Rome

A villa in a hilly and panoramic position with a large garden

Euros 660,000

Farmhouse between Lazio and Umbria with a small guest house and an olive grove for sale

Lazio Ref. code 3NHP

Building surface 421 mq
Bedrooms 7
Bathrooms 7
Land surface 4 ha

Alta Sabina, 11 km from Rieti

A renovated farmhouse in a panoramic position with a garden and an olive grove

Euros 580,000

Farmhouse with a guest house, outbuildings and a swimming pool near Gubbio

Umbria Ref. code 99GP

Building surface 818 mq
Bedrooms 12
Bathrooms 11
Land surface 1 ha

7 km from Gubbio

Farmhouse with swimming pool, guest house and 2 habitable outbuildings near Gubbio

SOLD by Casaitalia

Classic villa with a park and a pool 7 km from Lake Trasimeno for sale

Umbria Ref. code 5ZHE

Building surface 487 mq
Bedrooms 7
Bathrooms 8
Land surface 2.7 ha

7 km from Lake Trasimeno

Renovated historical villa with a formal garden, a pool, and a 2.7 ha plot of land

Euros 2,650,000

Villa with swimming pool for sale in Todi

Umbria Ref. code Q9GY

Building surface 706 mq
Bedrooms 9+1
Bathrooms 8
Land surface 5.240 mq

7 km from Todi

Villa with swimming pool and tennis court, in a comfortable and private location on the hills of Todi

Euros 1,300,000

Villa with tower for sale in Umbria

Umbria Ref. code XYR1

Building surface 694 mq
Bedrooms 6
Bathrooms 6
Land surface 1.6 ha


Historic villa with swimming pool, lift, garden and 17th century tower

Euros 875,000

Original Masseria with a hotel and a riding club for sale in Salento

Apulia Ref. code FXFV

Building surface 4.040 mq
Bedrooms 65
Bathrooms 80
Land surface 6.3 ha

20 minutes from Otranto and Gallipoli

An antique masseria between Otranto and Gallipoli used as hotel with a private plot of land (6 hectares) including a park, a swimming pool, and a riding club with stables.

Euros 2,700,000

Villa overlooking Lake Como for sale

Lombardy Ref. code 78H0

Building surface 606 mq
Bedrooms 7
Bathrooms 6
Land surface 1.046 ha

5 km from Lake Como

A panoramic villa with a 1-ha park, a pool, a guest house, and a garage

Euros 1,365,000


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