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Request code: MC64


We are looking for an apartment in the Centre of Rome

Type: Apartment

Budget: up to 1.5 million

We are looking on behalf of a customer, for an apartment in the centre of Rome, preferably Piazza di Spagna or in the vicinity, in good condition, 60-80 sqm, two bedrooms and a living area.

Request code: KU1A


Looking for a historic villa near an art city

Type: Historic villa or valuable farmhouse built

Budget: Up to 5 million Euro

We are looking for an American customer a period villa or valuable farmhouse built near a city of art. Is important to have a history, high ceilings, original floors, distinctive signs. Even if it requires partially renovation but generally to be in good condition. Possibly with major park and elegant driveway. Tuscany but also evaluates other regions of central and northern Italy.

Request code: 616


Looking for seaside villa

Type: Luxury villa

Budget: Up to 4 million Euro

We are looking for a South African customer a villa of at least 400 square meter with magnificent sea view and directly overlooking on the sea. Modern design possibly open space. Up to 20 minutes from a big city. Preferably on the Tyrrhenian coast: Tuscany and Liguria.

Request code: 615


Searching for vineyard in Tuscany

Type: Productive vineyard

Budget: from 2 to 5 million Euro

We are seeking for one of our Russian customer who just purchased with us an important farmhouse in Siena, a D.O.C. (Denomination of Origin Controlled ) productive vineyard in Tuscany, Chianti or Senese, possibly with an adjoining farmhouse or villa, even if requires renovation.

Request code: 9U10


Looking for villa in Olgiata - Rome

Type: Villa

Budget: Up to 2,5 million Euro

We are looking for one of our customer an independent villa in Olgiata (Rome) with park and swimming pool, with minimum 5 rooms, spacious living room. It's important that it is in a position which ensures privacy.

Request code: 514