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We are looking for a hotel in Florence

Type: Hotel

Budget: up to 10.000.000 €

On behalf of our foreign investor clients, we are looking for a hotel in the most central area of Florence, with 30-50 bedrooms.

Request code: A21O


We are looking for a country house in Tuscany or Umbria

Type: Country House with swimming pool

Budget: 1.000.000 €

For a buyer urgently looking to purchase, we are looking for a restored country house with a pool, in Tuscany, or Umbria on the border with Tuscany. The buyer collects classic cars so requires a garage for at least three cars (or space to build one). The house should measure between 150 and 250 sq.m approx, with three bedrooms. In a well-connected location, not isolated, a maximum of 1-3 km from the nearest populated area. Some of the buyer's car collection have low ground clearance and so a tarmacked road up to the house or as close as possible would be preferred.

Request code: 021P


Seeking restored country house or period villa in Tuscany

Type: Country house or period villa

Budget: Up to 2.5 million Euro

We are looking for a country house or period villa in Tuscany (preferably in Val d'Orcia) that has been restored with original materials, in a panoramic and secluded location. Essential features: minimum 4 bedrooms and at least 5 hectares of surrounding land.

Request code: DW1Q